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“Music is our way to make people feel good.”
This is the simple story of a wedding services provider as told by its founder, Ciprian.
Started in 1997 as a high-school hobby, the only service I offered at the time was DJ/MC, but nothing could replace the pride that I felt when leading a wedding with hundreds of guests which were giving my little creative touches their undivided attention. Nothing could compare with what I felt when the happy couple was carelessly waltzing thru their first dance on the rhythms of my music, basking in their friends and family’s cheerful disposition (and a little bit of fog with the help of my antiquated smoke machine).
I felt like a little bit of a pioneer. At a time when everyone else was busy playing with their walkmans, I was hunting and salvaging equipment left and right, high and low. If you needed me, you could find me (when I wasn’t DJ-ing) soldering and fitting, fixing and mixing and generally buried under a mountain of cables, mix tapes and wild ideas.
Almost 20 years and a continent later, I have established a successful event management company with a lot of added services and rave reviews.
Our customers say that we are friendly, involved, professional and never miss our cue. But what keeps me going, personally, is still the same elation that I have felt so long ago.

Ciprian DJ