Wedding DJRated one of the best wedding DJ services in Chicago, when you hire us you get the skill developed along almost 20 years of experience as a Disk Jockey for weddings and parties. The reason why that should matter to you is because, no matter how big the playlist is and no matter how well you have prepared beforehand, reading the crowd and its mood is a spur of the moment DJ skill. For a truly spectacular wedding, party or event, your guests need to be entertained at every moment and that can be easily done by keeping them on the dance floor as long as possible. To make that happen, our professional DJs work closely with the rest of the wedding staff and the end result is a flawless event.

All of our DJs also double as the MC

Also called Mic Controller or Master of Ceremonies, a MC acts as the host of your event, builds up and announces the wedding or party highlights, such us announcing the newlyweds, special guests, first dance, garter removal, cake cutting and any other event specific or traditional highlight. An experienced MC can help you run the whole wedding reception smoothly while making sure that the spotlight always stays on you and your big day.

Our DJs Will Work In Tandem With Live Music

We will complement the band or musician of your choice with both DJ and MC services. Some examples are string quartets, jazz or classical cocktails, pop or folk music to emphasize your roots.

Top DJ Sound Equipment

We work with some of the latest technology in the industry. Our equipment will deliver crystal clear sound quality and includes brands such as Pioneer, Denon, Shure, Sennheiser, Electro Voice, Martin, Chauvet, American DJ.

Wedding LightingLight up the evening with visually stunning decor lighting. Chicago Best Events offers up lighting, custom gobo projector, moving head lights & LED lights services.

Light plays a major role in our lives. It is part of how we perceive things, it generally means safety and warmth and makes us feel good and alert. The best stories are told with the help of light, shadows, color and anything in-between.
Now you can start writing the greatest story of your life using awesome party or wedding lighting. This is what our wedding lighting specialist can do for you:

  • Set the mood. Romantic, mysterious, expectant, candlelight, amusing, nostalgic, professional, you name it and we can enlighten you on the best way to achieve it (pun intended).
  • Highlight your cake, your centerpieces, your table, your first dance and pinspot those small details you’ve spent an eternity creating. We will work with you to plan every special moment in advance.
  • Write your name, monogram, wedding date and project it on a place of your choosing such as a wall, screen or dance floor
  • Dance floor lighting and fog effects. Also called dance floor smoke, it can be combined with the disco lighting effects to create a club like appearance, a romantic, ballroom like mood and everything in-between

Well planned decor lighting can make every wedding and event detail look better and even allow you to take story-like pictures and videos. A good definition of lighting decor is being the crowning jewel of your event.

Wedding Photography & VideographyThe average wedding ceremony length is 30 minutes and the average reception length is 4 hours. For memories that will last not mere hours, but a lifetime, you need to hire professional photographers and videographers.
A wedding photographer or an event videographer are storytellers. The story being told might be the same, but each storyteller has a different voice and a different style that will make you laugh with glee, sigh with melancholy or make you feel like you are part of the story, even many years after it was first told. The photo or the video cameras should be extensions of themselves, simple tools that do their bidding and capture a fleeting sparkle in your eyes or that treasured moment of tenderness.
There are few different styles of shooting photos or videos for an event:

  • Documentary style – it is natural, spontaneous and tells the real story. One of the advantages of this style of wedding photo-shoots is that people are not posing and acting naturally as if the camera wasn’t even there.
  • Portrait-style. A very common wedding photo and video shooting style where the environment, background, people in the frame and their poses are orchestrated along a pre-determined plan.
  • Artful. An unique mix of blur, colors, black and white framing techniques that is specific to each individual photographer or videographer.
  • Bold. It is a subcategory of the artful style. It features uncommon shooting angles or detail oriented work that focuses on the smallest thing that might give flavor to the day.

Most of the photo and video professionals have their unique voice that combines two or more of the above styles. However, upon request, they will adopt the style of your choosing.

The bottom line is that you are not hiring a camera, but the person behind it that has to tell your story in an unique and brilliant way.

Wedding Limousine
Wedding & event transportation needs to be carefully planned to ensure a smooth, pleasant experience.
Chicago Best Events transportation department works with chauffeurs that have decades of wedding limo service experience. What that means is that we have specialized in providing event transportation logistics for every type of events such as: a wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitvah, baptism, birthday parties, club night out, sweet sixteen, quinceanera, corporate event, church and community event.
Chicago Best limo services are:

  • Safe. Our drivers are experienced, licensed and never compromise when it comes to your safety.
  • LuxuriousFor the ultimate VIP luxury limo experience. Our limos have updated equipment and our drivers are courteous, classy and discreet.
  • On time. Our limousines are punctual. We understand that life happens and that is why we always have a backup plan that has you covered.
  • Thoughtful and elegant. From helping you keep the flowers fresh or making that extra stop to accommodating your guests’ requests, we will go the extra mile to ensure you have a fantastic experience from start to end.
  • Specialized. We have done this countless times. We know how to make your special day glamorous and we’ll make sure it will turn out just as you envisioned it.

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From start to finish, Chicago Best Events will help you get the day of your dreams. The difference between us and a regular wedding services company is that we know why you hired us and work tirelessly to deliver just that. Our services are never rushed, keep the spotlight on you and are highly adaptable to last minute changes. The people we work with are individually picked professionals that have been in their fields for a long time and are some of the best at what they do.
We will work with you on planning each highlight of your event ahead of time so, when the big day comes, you can focus on yourself and enjoying the people around you without having to deal with any distractions.
If needed, we can provide plenty of references or you can take a look at the testimonials that some of our previous clients have given us.

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